Rack & Pinion Actuators

Actreg (UK) Ltd holds a large stock of Actreg Rack and Pinion Aluminium actuators which enables us to provide the very best level of service possible.

Actreg (UK) Ltd always aim to dispatch goods the same day as order placement wherever possible, and with this in mind maintain a diverse range of ancillary equipment in stock to enable us to do so. Actreg (UK) Ltd also maintain stock of Twin Pack Epoxy coated valves to minimise lead time.

Technical Benefits

  • Bi-Directional Travel Stops allowing ±5° travel adjustment
  • Antifriction Guide Bearings
  • Encapsulated spring packs
  • Linear Torque
  • Anti-Blowout Pinion
  • Flattened End Caps for Double Acting Actuators to reduce Air Consumption and for ease of identification
  • Internally and Externally Hard Anodized Coated

Produced Power

Rack and Pinion Aluminium Actuators are the most cost effective product for automating valves which operate through 90 Degrees and create the highest torque in the closed position such as ball valves and butterfly valves.

Double acting actuators generate a flat line torque profile throughout the travel cycle, whereas the Spring Return actuator torque profile is highest at the start of air stroke.

Spring Return Actuator

Spring Return Actuator

Double Acting Actuator

Double Acting Actuator

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