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Scotch & Yoke Actuators

SY Range Scotch & Yoke are designed to operate valves requiring a rotary, quarter turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty.

These economical, low maintenance actuators provide a reliable means of automating valves and are available with many optional features and controls to meet the most demanding automation needs.

Scotch Yoke Actuator

Actreg engineers are happy to help you with your automation demands. The SY actuators are manufactured in many different model number combinations of actuator sizes, cylinder diameters, and double or spring return action are available for installation on 1/4 turn valves. SY actuators are designed for use over a wide range of pressures, temperatures, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

Technical Benefits

  • Totally Enclosed Weatherproof Centre Section and Caps
  • External Travel Stops allowing ±10° Travel Adjustment
  • Versatile Assembly Options
  • Up to 10 Bar Operating Pressure
  • Torque Output up to 250,000 Nm
  • Various Manual Override Options
  • Various Control systems to suit client requirements
  • Various materials of construction to suit client requirements